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Good bye Salon Corina, welcome Corina Lucian SkinCare

After 10 years of using Salon Corina name, we decided to change our business name.

We decided to take this step after we were asked if Salon Corina was a hair salon!

So, after much consideration the new name of our skin clinic  changed to Corina Lucian Skincare.

As a result, the email changed to

I strongly feel that the new business name reflects more accurately what I do:

*skin consultations

*beauty products consultancy

*product development

* and treating the skin.

Keep well,


Why you should ( still) love yourself for Valentines ?

Valentine day is tomorrow and while some of us are waiting expectantly, for others the day is just a lonely day. And it shouldn’t be!

I developed a ritual for my birthday by clearing my day, then dress nice and go to the city; eat in a good restaurant for lunch, and go through the shops BY MYSELF!

Now, let me tell you that for me to spend an entire day on myself is highly unusual and is a treat.

For you, could be different; try do something you waned to do for ages :
*taking a long, scented bath

  • going for a walk with friends
  • treat yourself with a hair or face appointment
  • go see a play
  • or even borrow a book from the library !

Finding time for ourselves is always a good thing and we should all try it from time to time.

With my best wishes,

Corina Lucian
Skincare Expert

#timeforourselves #rituals #Valentines

What is the evidence about acne?

About a month ago, I attended a very interesting conference about the medical evidence about acne.

-Acne is the eight most common deasease globally and while is more common in teenagers, adult female population represent an increase population.
What I learned was a bit disappointing.

Imagine for a second that you are in your 30 ‘s( or older! ) and you suddenly developed acne.

What are your options?

*You go online to read about acne and products that could help you and, full of hope you buy them. And after few months of frustrations,

*You go to your GP.

Now it becomes interesting:
Your GP may prescribe some antibiotics
or some other medication which may dry your skin excessively.
( The reason behind the skin drynes is because how acne products and some medication works; the products usually exfoliates the skin in a hope that the skin undernith is healthy. It usually isn’t the case, and many people can testify about that-
The result? People usually complain about redness which makes the skin sensitive.

The evidence suggests that:
•acne needs maintenance treatment; patients often experience recurring acne lessions once the treatment stopped. C Dressler et all, 2016; 232

•Oral contraceptive and oral isotretinoin ( Roacutane) can reduce oil production , but are associates with potential serious side effects
Different side effects of Roacutane*
– dry skin
– systemic heart disease in prone individuals
•The 12 years old children on Roacutane may relapse in three months!
Then there is the pregnancy issue:
•girls of fertile age should be tested for pregnancy monthly by their GP
•the men on Roacutane must avoid getting their partners pregnant because the medication may affects the sperm!

•And on top of that, Roacutane is only effective in 85% of cases !

Now, if you want to try a natural way to get rid of acne, we are here to help.

The easiest way is to book a skin consultation. You may, or you may not need further treatment.

*Contrary popular belief, Roacutane doesn’t increase risk of suicide,  bad acne does.

Keep well,

Corina Lucian

SkinCare Expert Treatment Nottingham


The truth about skin

We are more or less happy about  how our skin looks and feels like.

☆That the skin is our largest organ responsible for our protection from external invaders.

☆That the skin is waterproof,  but oil-loving.

There are some ways which can increase skin absorbsion :

●warmth- the warmer the skin, the better it’s absorbtion

●wet skin- will increase products absorption.

●broken skin ( like wounds or irritations) -this is more of an inconvenience, as broken skin is an entry gate for bacterial infections, so be aware.

From my experience, we use too many cosmetic products and too early: many 12 or 13 years old already use a cleanser, tone, exfolinter,  moisturiser,  and so on.

Do we really need so many products? I think not!

What kind of  products we need and at what age? Read all about it in our next blog …

Until next time , take care

Corina Lucian MFHT

Skincare Expert

Salon Corina




Our European Skin Treatments Testimonials

  • Corina at Salon Corina is a rare find. A woman with a scientific understanding of functional skincare which really works. She knows what you need in order to make your skin glow and her training is exceptional. In her hands your sallow skin will glow with health and, if you follow her advice, it will remain beautiful and spot free. Her training is excellent and the way she treats your skin will show that. I really recommend that however wedded you are to your current skincare regime that you try Salon Corina. It will change how you think about your skin forever.Catherine Bellchambers-Wilson


Just had an amazing facial with Corina. She is really kind and welcoming and her anti ageing facial massage is fabulous. I loved every minute of it and my skin looks glowing. She is a beautiful soul and is passionate about what she does.
Esther Felder

  • I had *yet another* amazing facial at Salon Corina last night. Corina always listens when you come in with a particular problem or issue and adapts her facials accordingly; today my skin looks and feels AMAZING. Thanks Corina!
    Chloe Cheeseman


Corina is just amazing. She is trained in dermatology so she knows exactly what she’s doing and what everyone’s skin needs. She provides a proper European facial – not cosmetic, uninformed, over-priced and pretty useless like so many other salons. She makes her own products with essential oils and knows which oils to use for various skin types and conditions. She provides the most wonderful and effective anti-ageing massages for the face. She also uses clay masks to treat roseacea, acne etc. which really works. Try her – you’ll never go anywhere else again.
Finola Brady

  • I don’t let just anybody loose on my skin, never mind my face so I am delighted to have found Corina. Her expert touch & treatment, along wth the amazing steam, extraction & facial massage, is a-maz-ing. Give her a call or you might miss out. You are definitely going to thank me for sending you or even better, all your friends, her way!
    Sue Mcfarlane


I am so glad I met Corina. A lady with immense knowledge and understanding. I came to her at a point when I was having trouble with one area of skin that was troubling me beyond belief (I was wearing sunglasses when it was raining to hide my face) and during my consultation she educated me on other parts that I had no idea I was having trouble with. Bizarrely enough, Corina even put forward a suggestion of my past ‘skin’ life that I had only been discussing with my friend the previous week!! It was like she had read my mind. I signed up straight away and begged her to ‘fix’ me hehe. The long and short of it is this, I no longer have that skin problem and since I have been having my facials I have been ID’d 3 times for purchasing alcohol (I am 34!). A coincidence? I think not. Thank you Corina, I will see you later  xx
Andrea Wilde


I’m am absolutely amazed by Corina. I’ve only been to see her 3 times and my skin is absolutely clear and I’m on my period. I’ve had acne for 20 years. When I first saw Corina she was shocked because I had a spot in every single pore on my face and a mega spot with 3 heads. I’ve spent half my teens, all my twenties and 6 years of my 30s embarrassed and ashamed of my skin. I’ve tried everything, the pill, topical lotions, all sorts of expensive products from Clarins to Bobby Brown and all in between. I spent £100 in one go at skn. I was so desperate. And for most of that time Corina has lived 20 minutes drive away. I was so emotional when I first saw Corina I couldn’t stop crying. Corina is knowledgeable and experienced, but she’s also kind and time spent with her is relaxing and peaceful. She’s not just interested in my skin, but also my health and recommends remedies to help. I couldn’t recommend Corina enough, having clear skin has increased my confidence and given me the boost I needed. Thank you Corina.

Debbie Clarke


Teenager with acne

West Bridgford salon for teenager’s skin.


We are a salon based in West Bridgford and we work with many teenagers with skin problems.

What is acne, you may wonder? It meas any face/ shoulders/ chest breakouts affecting teenagers or adults.

Being an infection, if left untreated, it could progress to lesions which could lead to pothole scarring.

Acne usually starts :
-on the forehead,
-progressing to the temples area
-spreading on the cheeks
-could spread to the chin( not always)
-from cheeks could spread to the neck

Girls could be as young as 12 and could last up to 18-20 years old, while boys start around 15 and could last to early 20’s.

Gp’s has a limited way of helping this teenagers, mainy prescribing long term antibiotics. (We see also GP’s children in our salon)

Left untreated, it could lead to scarring.

To minimise the spread to other areas of the face,
-we reccomend leaving the spots alone, no picking, please!
-never use exfoliants, as it will help spread the infection
– do not use products which contain alcohol or soap, as it will stimulate oil production
-use disposable tissues to dry the face, avoid towels
-girld should keep their hair away from the face, as it encourage infection.

In the last few years more and more adults ask our help as they experience acne.

If teenager’s acne is triggered by raging sexual hormones, in adults, the culprit is stress!

If you have any questions or concerns about your or your child face, contact us.

The initial 10 minutes consultation is free. Just book an appointment and bring your teenager and ALL face product she/he uses at the moment.

Keep well,

Corina Lucian
Skin expert

Salon Corina *
0115 9743549

*Only by appointment.