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The skin- gut connection – part 2

Over the years, I helped many women and teens confused about which face products to buy,; many mums were contacting me worried about their teens that their homecare routine is harming their skin .

When I talked to teens about their skin routine, and I checked the products they were using, I realised that they were using too many products!

In the last ten years, I worked with many people with skin problems and they were complaining about tummy issues.

To me it was no surprise, because our digestive tract – from the mouth to the other end – is made of skin cells.
So you see, it’s only a matter of time for an unhappy tummy to show on the outside as a skin condition!

Since 2019, I am happy to be able to offer a complete nutritional help along with my skin treatments to improve the skin .

Before, I used to send my customers to the high street to buy the nutritional suplements and sometimes they went to few health shops to find all the products I recommended.

  1. Now I can offer alThe inside view of skinl the nutritional suplements  needed.

Remember, when in doubt about your skin, book an online skin consultation.

Keep well,

Corina Lucian
SkinCare Expert


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My skin- gut connection journey- part 1

My skin- gut connection journey- part 1

I became a facialist in 1993 and I worked in Europe and Asia for 15 years before opening my skin clinic in UK in 2008.

To my surprise, I noticed that UK is a common place for rosacea, adult acne , teens acne , eczema and psoriasis, than in any other parts of the world I worked.

Teenager with acne

In the same time, UK population has a high rate of tummy complains.

In my practice over the years, I noticed that over 90% of my skin challenged customers have tummy complains :
•Gluten intolerance
• Colitis

• Lactose intolerance
• Bloating
•Difficulty digesting certain foods


Other challenged skin types customers suffer from anxiety, insomnia or depression.

Did you know that the gut and the skin are made of the same cells, called epitelial cells?

Knowing this, is no surprise that when the gut is irritated or unwell , it’s only a matter of time until the skin will show similar signs.

Remember, the skin is our biggest organ, but we often forget about it, until we suffer with a skin condition!

The skin has many rolls which keeps us alive , but today we will talk about its role as
•Eliminator of toxins

The body gets rid of toxins through breathing, kidneys, colon and the skin.

Now, many of us :
•don’t drink enough water,
• have a diet poor in fibre
•don’t have a daily bowel movement
•use cosmetic/ body products full of synthetic ingredients

No wonder our body is full of toxins!

But there is hope! – read part 2 of the blog and learn how we can help ourselves.

And while in lockdown, we offer Zoom Holistic Skin Consultations.( Just book yourself online, and I will schedule a zoom meeting at your the requested time) .

If you need help, I am only a click away.


Keep well,

Corina Lucian

SkinCare Expert

Corina Lucian SkinCare

Good bye Salon Corina, welcome Corina Lucian SkinCare

After 10 years of using Salon Corina name, we decided to change our business name.

We decided to take this step after we were asked if Salon Corina was a hair salon!

So, after much consideration the new name of our skin clinic  changed to Corina Lucian Skincare.

As a result, the email changed to

I strongly feel that the new business name reflects more accurately what I do:

*skin consultations

*beauty products consultancy

*product development

* and treating the skin.

Keep well,


Why you should ( still) love yourself for Valentines ?

Valentine day is tomorrow and while some of us are waiting expectantly, for others the day is just a lonely day. And it shouldn’t be!

I developed a ritual for my birthday by clearing my day, then dress nice and go to the city; eat in a good restaurant for lunch, and go through the shops BY MYSELF!

Now, let me tell you that for me to spend an entire day on myself is highly unusual and is a treat.

For you, could be different; try do something you waned to do for ages :
*taking a long, scented bath

  • going for a walk with friends
  • treat yourself with a hair or face appointment
  • go see a play
  • or even borrow a book from the library !

Finding time for ourselves is always a good thing and we should all try it from time to time.

With my best wishes,

Corina Lucian
Skincare Expert

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What is the evidence about acne?

About a month ago, I attended a very interesting conference about the medical evidence about acne.

-Acne is the eight most common deasease globally and while is more common in teenagers, adult female population represent an increase population.
What I learned was a bit disappointing.

Imagine for a second that you are in your 30 ‘s( or older! ) and you suddenly developed acne.

What are your options?

*You go online to read about acne and products that could help you and, full of hope you buy them. And after few months of frustrations,

*You go to your GP.

Now it becomes interesting:
Your GP may prescribe some antibiotics
or some other medication which may dry your skin excessively.
( The reason behind the skin drynes is because how acne products and some medication works; the products usually exfoliates the skin in a hope that the skin undernith is healthy. It usually isn’t the case, and many people can testify about that-
The result? People usually complain about redness which makes the skin sensitive.

The evidence suggests that:
•acne needs maintenance treatment; patients often experience recurring acne lessions once the treatment stopped. C Dressler et all, 2016; 232

•Oral contraceptive and oral isotretinoin ( Roacutane) can reduce oil production , but are associates with potential serious side effects
Different side effects of Roacutane*
– dry skin
– systemic heart disease in prone individuals
•The 12 years old children on Roacutane may relapse in three months!
Then there is the pregnancy issue:
•girls of fertile age should be tested for pregnancy monthly by their GP
•the men on Roacutane must avoid getting their partners pregnant because the medication may affects the sperm!

•And on top of that, Roacutane is only effective in 85% of cases !

Now, if you want to try a natural way to get rid of acne, we are here to help.

The easiest way is to book a skin consultation. You may, or you may not need further treatment.

*Contrary popular belief, Roacutane doesn’t increase risk of suicide,  bad acne does.

Keep well,

Corina Lucian

SkinCare Expert Treatment Nottingham


Should we use an SPF* cream or not?

As the days gets warmer and we spend more time outdoors one may ask: should we use an SPF cream or not?
And if yes, what SPF number should we use?
The answer to those questions may not be that straight forward. We read on all beauty magazines that we should use a high SPF cream every time we go out.

While I am a strong advocate of using an SPF 30 or 50 on the face, neck, ears and back of hands to prevent wrinkles and “liver spots” , I am a bit more forgiving when I talk about the body exposure to sunshine. You may wonder why !
We all heard how damaging are the ultra-violet (UV) rays, but not many of us knows that :
UV are healing and desinfecting, thus helping acne 

UV are involved in the making of Vitamin D3, which makes the bones stronger.

Let’s see how is UV produces Vitamin D3: on a sunny day: as the UV baths the skin, in the presence of cholesterol, the skin makes vitamin D3. That’s why is very important to get at least 20 minutes of unprotected sun exposure a day, before 10am and after 4 pm.

I will talk about the sun damage in another blog.

*SPF is Sun Factor Protection

Until then,

Keep well,

Corina Lucian
Skincare Expert



How I became a skincare expert?

Here is my story of how I became a Skincare Expert. I trained for two years in early 90’s to became a medical skin therapist to treat skin conditions like acne or rosacea.

To be able to treat such condition, I was :

<trained in dermatology, which helps me diagnose such conditions,

<Microbiology, which allowes me to know which bacteria, fungi or viruses  are involved in such skin conditions and

<Anatomy and Physiology which allowes me to understand how the skin works in health and disease.

<Cosmetic chemistry allowes me to understand the interaction between the cosmetic ingredients and the skin or body.

<Cosmetology though me how cosmetic ingredients interact in a product and their properties related to cosmetic products.

After graduation I worked for the biggest cosmetic manufacturer as their medical beautician working on and testing their R&D products.

At the same time, I worked in collaboration with a dermatologist regarding teenagers acne.

Since moving to UK, I wanted to start by working with less challenging skin types, and gradually I became aware of other therapists becoming sensitive to the products they use in the salon. 

I starting making my own natural salon products suitable for the different skin types I work with.

Customers were constantly asking me about what products to use* because they were not happy about the  products they were using . That told me two things:

•That customers have no idea how to choose their cosmetic products*

•That customers didn’t know their skin type

So I developed a skin consultation ( read the blog about “What to expect from a skin consultation”)

Recently I founded a closed Facebook  group, called Salon Corina where I encourage discussions around skin issues.

I am happily working with congested skin, aging skin, acne or rosacea. 

My clinic is nested away in West Bridgford in a quiet residential area with private parking.

*See relevant blog

Keep well,

Corina Lucian

Skincare Expert