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Why you should ( still) love yourself for Valentines ?

Valentine day is tomorrow and while some of us are waiting expectantly, for others the day is just a lonely day. And it shouldn’t be!

I developed a ritual for my birthday by clearing my day, then dress nice and go to the city; eat in a good restaurant for lunch, and go through the shops BY MYSELF!

Now, let me tell you that for me to spend an entire day on myself is highly unusual and is a treat.

For you, could be different; try do something you waned to do for ages :
*taking a long, scented bath

  • going for a walk with friends
  • treat yourself with a hair or face appointment
  • go see a play
  • or even borrow a book from the library !

Finding time for ourselves is always a good thing and we should all try it from time to time.

With my best wishes,

Corina Lucian
Skincare Expert

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