Terms and Conditions

1. The Therapist is Corina Lucian trading as Corina Lucian SkinCare at 7 Beech Close Edwalton Nottingham NG12 4BG or such other address as the Therapist shall advise the Client

2. The Client is the person who is the beneficiary of the Service provided by the Therapist

The Service

3. The Service will be agreed between the Therapist and the Client at the outset and before any service is provided. The Service is strictly personal to the Client and any liability is limited to the Client only.

Obligations of the Client

4. The Client, or in the case of a client under 18 years of age their parent or guardian, will provide the Therapist with:

4.a. Their medical history.
4.b. Full details of any doctor’s appointment in the previous three months.
4.c. Any products or medication they have been given or used in the previous three months. The Client must bring these with them to the appointment / explain online.
4.d. Full and detailed history of any conditions relating to the skin or other condition relevant to the treatment whenever the condition has occurred.
4.e. Details of any pregnancy or possible pregnancy.
4.f. Details of any medical issues however small that may arise during the course of any treatment or since the last treatment was carried out. Should disclosure not be full and complete as above the Therapist shall not be liable for the consequences arising therefrom.

5. The Therapist will explain the Service being offered to the Client. This will include what the treatment involves, its purpose, limitations, potential benefits and any contra-actions. The Client or their parent or guardian must ask for clarification of any points they do not understand and give their consent before the Service starts. The Therapist will need to be convinced the Client has given informed, voluntary consent to the Service and if she is not satisfied can refuse to proceed.

6. The Client will co-operate with the Therapist in all matter relating to the provision of the service. Aftercare advice and the use of products advised by the Therapist must be followed and the Client will make and keep appointments for follow-up treatments. Should they fail to attend any follow-up treatments the Client accepts that this could have an adverse effect on the result of the Service and extra charges may be incurred for the Services required as a result of this failure to comply.

7. Should the Client fail to co-operate with the Therapist then the Therapist will be entitled to terminate any contract for the provision of Services without any liability.

8. The Client is aware that the Therapist is not a medical doctor but a holistic therapist experienced in dermatology. She will diagnose skin type and test how the skin is performing in relation to skin elasticity, moisture and oil content. The Therapist will not be diagnosing skin diseases.


9. The Therapist will provide the Client with details of the Fees before the start of any Service and agree with them the method of payment. If the Client does not comply with that agreement the Therapist will be entitled to terminate the Service without any liability.

10. For individual treatments payment shall be made at the end of each appointment by cash or cards.
For for online appointments, we accept only online payments paid in full before the appointment. Should the Therapist agree to accept payment by bank transfer of PayPal and such payment is not received within four working days of that appointment then the Therapist will charge interest on the outstanding amount at 4% over the current Bank of England base rate until payment is received in full.

11. For a course of treatments payment shall be made in full at the first appointment. By agreement with the Therapist the Client may pay half of the fee at the first appointment and the remainder at the second appointment. If payment is not made the Therapist can end provision of the Service.

12. Where payment is made in full for a course of treatments the Client will make and keep appointments for full provision of the Service within 12 months of the original appointment. Failure to do so will lead to the contract being terminated after the said 12 months and any monies paid shall be retained by the Therapist.

13. The Therapist will charge a fee for any consultation with a Client. If the consultation is more than the allocated 30 minutes the therapist will add a charge of £10 for up to 10 extra minutes. Payment shall be made at the start of the appointment. Should a Client book a treatment as a result of this initial consultation within two weeks of the original consultation then the Client will be entitled to a deduction of £10 from the fee for that treatment.

14. Should any fee not be paid as above then the therapist shall have the right to charge interest at 4% above the Bank of England base rate from the date the Fee was due for payment until payment is made in full.


15. Any Products are supplied to or recommended by the Therapist in good faith. Should the client have any adverse reaction due to their individual circumstances then use should be terminated immediately and the matter reported to the Therapist.

16. Any nutritional supplements recommended by the Therapist is in good faith and carry a 90 days money back guarantee, when bought online.


17. Appointments shall start from the time the Client walks into the premises of the Therapist and end when the Client leaves those premises.

18. The Therapist will charge in full for any appointments cancelled by the Client with less than 48 hours’ notice or for any failure to attend. The Client is responsible for ensuring they are aware as to when their appointment will be.

19. If the Therapist is unable to attend any appointments due to illness or matters beyond her control she will inform the Client as soon as possible and arrange a mutually convenient replacement appointment.

Termination of the Contract

20. If the Client terminates the contract before the agreed Service has in the opinion of the Therapist concluded any agreed Fee not paid shall remain payable and if already paid to the Therapist shall be retained by the Therapist.

21. If the Therapist ends the contract early for whatever reason any refund of the Fee is at her discretion.


22. If the Client is under the age of eighteen years a parent or guardian must be present in the treatment room throughout any examinations and the provision of the Service unless the parent or guardian agree otherwise. The therapist can treat only teenagers 14+ .For online appointments, one responsible adult must be present at all time.

23. The parent or guardian will be requested to provide written consent before a Service can be provided to anyone under eighteen years old.


24. The Therapist will perform the Service with reasonable care and skill and in accordance with the current laws and regulations including the current Code of Conduct and Professional Practice of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT). However no particular outcome can be guaranteed and the Client will have a continuing obligation of disclosure both before and during the Service.

25. If the Therapists performance of her obligations under the Contract for the Service is prevented or delayed by any act or omission of the Client the Therapist shall not be liable for any costs or losses incurred by the Client that arise directly or indirectly from any such loss or delay.

26. The Therapist will maintain in force insurance sufficient to indemnify the usual risks. The Therapist will produce written confirmation of insurance cover upon receipt of a written request to do so from the Client.

27. Any complaints about the Therapist or the Service shall be made to the Therapist in writing. Should the issue not be resolved between the parties the Client shall have the right to take the matter up with the FHT and the Therapist will provide the Client with their contact details for this purpose.


28. All information provided by the Therapist to the Client medical or otherwise will be kept entirely confidential and such information will only be release to a third party with the explicit consent of the Client subject to the proviso below:

28.a. The Therapist is obliged to disclose confidential information without the consent of the Client when her duty to society at large takes precedence over her duty to the Client.
28.b. The Therapist is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 and will comply with the obligations it imposes on her.


29. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of England.