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My skin- gut connection journey- part 1

My skin- gut connection journey- part 1

I became a facialist in 1993 and I worked in Europe and Asia for 15 years before opening my skin clinic in UK in 2008.

To my surprise, I noticed that UK is a common place for rosacea, adult acne , teens acne , eczema and psoriasis, than in any other parts of the world I worked.

Teenager with acne

In the same time, UK population has a high rate of tummy complains.

In my practice over the years, I noticed that over 90% of my skin challenged customers have tummy complains :
•Gluten intolerance
• Colitis

• Lactose intolerance
• Bloating
•Difficulty digesting certain foods


Other challenged skin types customers suffer from anxiety, insomnia or depression.

Did you know that the gut and the skin are made of the same cells, called epitelial cells?

Knowing this, is no surprise that when the gut is irritated or unwell , it’s only a matter of time until the skin will show similar signs.

Remember, the skin is our biggest organ, but we often forget about it, until we suffer with a skin condition!

The skin has many rolls which keeps us alive , but today we will talk about its role as
•Eliminator of toxins

The body gets rid of toxins through breathing, kidneys, colon and the skin.

Now, many of us :
•don’t drink enough water,
• have a diet poor in fibre
•don’t have a daily bowel movement
•use cosmetic/ body products full of synthetic ingredients

No wonder our body is full of toxins!

But there is hope! – read part 2 of the blog and learn how we can help ourselves.

And while in lockdown, we offer Zoom Holistic Skin Consultations.( Just book yourself online, and I will schedule a zoom meeting at your the requested time) .

If you need help, I am only a click away.


Keep well,

Corina Lucian

SkinCare Expert

Corina Lucian SkinCare

Should we use an SPF* cream or not?

As the days gets warmer and we spend more time outdoors one may ask: should we use an SPF cream or not?
And if yes, what SPF number should we use?
The answer to those questions may not be that straight forward. We read on all beauty magazines that we should use a high SPF cream every time we go out.

While I am a strong advocate of using an SPF 30 or 50 on the face, neck, ears and back of hands to prevent wrinkles and “liver spots” , I am a bit more forgiving when I talk about the body exposure to sunshine. You may wonder why !
We all heard how damaging are the ultra-violet (UV) rays, but not many of us knows that :
UV are healing and desinfecting, thus helping acne 

UV are involved in the making of Vitamin D3, which makes the bones stronger.

Let’s see how is UV produces Vitamin D3: on a sunny day: as the UV baths the skin, in the presence of cholesterol, the skin makes vitamin D3. That’s why is very important to get at least 20 minutes of unprotected sun exposure a day, before 10am and after 4 pm.

I will talk about the sun damage in another blog.

*SPF is Sun Factor Protection

Until then,

Keep well,

Corina Lucian
Skincare Expert



How I became a skincare expert?

Here is my story of how I became a Skincare Expert. I trained for two years in early 90’s to became a medical skin therapist to treat skin conditions like acne or rosacea.

To be able to treat such condition, I was :

<trained in dermatology, which helps me diagnose such conditions,

<Microbiology, which allowes me to know which bacteria, fungi or viruses  are involved in such skin conditions and

<Anatomy and Physiology which allowes me to understand how the skin works in health and disease.

<Cosmetic chemistry allowes me to understand the interaction between the cosmetic ingredients and the skin or body.

<Cosmetology though me how cosmetic ingredients interact in a product and their properties related to cosmetic products.

After graduation I worked for the biggest cosmetic manufacturer as their medical beautician working on and testing their R&D products.

At the same time, I worked in collaboration with a dermatologist regarding teenagers acne.

Since moving to UK, I wanted to start by working with less challenging skin types, and gradually I became aware of other therapists becoming sensitive to the products they use in the salon. 

I starting making my own natural salon products suitable for the different skin types I work with.

Customers were constantly asking me about what products to use* because they were not happy about the  products they were using . That told me two things:

•That customers have no idea how to choose their cosmetic products*

•That customers didn’t know their skin type

So I developed a skin consultation ( read the blog about “What to expect from a skin consultation”)

Recently I founded a closed Facebook  group, called Salon Corina where I encourage discussions around skin issues.

I am happily working with congested skin, aging skin, acne or rosacea. 

My clinic is nested away in West Bridgford in a quiet residential area with private parking.

*See relevant blog

Keep well,

Corina Lucian

Skincare Expert







What do you know about skin cancer?

The idea about today’s blog came after talking to a lady I know who was recently diagnosed and treated for skin cancer. In today’s blog I put together few questions about skin cancer.

When she pointed out a tiny mole on her face to her beautician , she was adviced to exfoliate over it every day.
Let’s pinpoint some facts which may help you self diagnose; and remember, when in doubt, visit your GP.

Skin cancer usually appears over an exposed area of the skin like face, the scalp of the bold men and a skin injury like a burn scar.

(My dermatology teacher explained that where the skin is already scarred, there is a favourable area for skin cancer, because the scarred skin is already abnormal )

Here are some questions to ask yourself:
Is it a new mole ?
Is it larger in size then the last time you checked?
Is it’s shape asymmetric ?
Has it changed its shape?
Has it changed its colour?
Is it a cyst under the skin which grew larger lately?
If you answer yes to few of the questions, I would advise to let your GP know.
It may be some benign mole, but is always better to be safe then sorry.
Salon Corina’s skin consultation cover any questions you may have about your face.

I am so passionate about skin cancer, that I am willing to do a talk about the subject.
Register your interest by email at

Best wishes,

Corina Lucian
Skincare Expert
Salon Corina

Things you didn’t know about your face

From about the age of 13, we start to pay attention to our face.Actually, it was proven that even babies prefer a human face over any other shape!

Over the decades, face changes its appearance, but some things remain the same.

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest of the body; that’s why it shows the first signs of aging?

Or that the eyebrows thins and shortens as we age (or because of certain thyroid conditions) ?

How about that we have 43 muscles on the face from which 23 pairs of muscles insert in the mouth area? -Yes, that many-
Or that we use more muscles when we are upset than when we laugh?

Or that sun protection is important if we want to prevent wrinkles?
Nothing ages the face skin more then sun rays, actually more than 75% of skin ageing is related to sun exposure!That beautiful holiday suntan is just a skin defence mechanism to minimise the DNA damage of the skin.

And the next major aging factor is smoking: smokers will have earlier eyes and upper lip wrinkles ! And I will just mention that a smoker’s skin has an unhealthy complexion.

How about the liver spots on the sides of the face? It has nothing to do with the liver, actually there are just simple age spots from prolonged sun exposure!

And please note that a thick lips face needs thick eyebrows ! Eyebrows fashion comes and go….

Or did you know that black eyebrows gives the face an older, harsher look? While thicker, darker eyelashes gives a sexy, youthful look!
Over-plucking may need a make-up trick or two to improve the shape or thickness of the eyebrows.

I hope I shone a bit of light on the face matter.

Keep well,

Corina Lucian MFHT
Skincare Expert

How to choose the right cosmetic product?

Lately I wrote a number of blogs about the skin.
Now that you know a bit more about your skin, I think it is the right time to find out about what to look for* if you decide to buy a face product.

For a cream, lotion or serum to have a moisturising effect, it must contain water.
To simplify a bit, let’s call all water based creams, lotions and serums ” a product”

Actually, the main ingredient in product is water. Water is, after all, the ultimate moisturiser.

Another main ingreadient in a product is glycerine which usually comes from bovines, ( if you are a vegetarian, look for a vegetable based glycerine ). Glycerine is so popular because it holds the water found in the product. But too much glycerine is drying to the skin: so, if you find glycerine in the first three ingredients in the product…..
To become a product, it needs some oil. A word of caution: if you are looking for a natural product, avoid mineral oil ( a.k.a.parafin oil, )

A good cream should contain some vitamins: vitamin A is THE skin vitamin, while vitamin E, contrar popular belief, is used in a product to preserve the natural oils in your product. If the product has synthetic oil, it doesn’t need vitamin E !
To have an antioxidant effect for the body, it should be in high concetration. The  the legal limit is 0.5% ; and because vitamin E has a strong smell , no cosmetic formulator wants to use it in high concetration.

Without a preservative,  your precious product will not last more then a week. Vitamin E will preserve the oils found in your product from rancidity, but how about the water based ingredients?

Parabens are universal synthetic preservatives for your product, cheep and are well supported by the skin. The downside is that they may be linked with heath problems. There are  other natural preservatives, more expensive then their synthetic counterparts.

A fragrance will improve the smell of your product; and are usually synthetic. These days a lot of people have  allergies to synthetic fragrances, so, naturally, one may wonder why fragrances are used at all. Because fragrances are ( chemically) very stable and are cheaper then essential oils or nature derived fragrances.

Oil serums  are usually more natural then the water-base products and are much more expensive.

If you would like to find out more about your products, book a consultation.

* I am trained in cosmetic chemistry

Take care,

Corina Lucian MFHT

Skincare Expert

Salon Corina

What face products should you use ?

As I promised in my last blog, let’s talk about the beauty products we ( should ) use at different stages in our life.
From my experience, I noticed that (when young), we tend to use too many  beauty products !
Please keep in mind that  this blog is about healthy skin care.
Babies and children don’t need any body lotions or oils unless prescribed by the doctor for certain skin conditions, like eczema or cradle cap.
Babies and children have enough moisture and skin oil to keep their skin supple and wrinkles free if I may say ☺

Teenagers skin suffers from an over production of skin oil , called sebum. I’ve seen  13 years old teenagers using five-six products : cleanser, toner , exfoliator,  moisturiser, a mask. And too much makeup! Why do they need to moisturise; when until mid 20 s, the skin is moistured and  smooth with no wrinkles?
The exception is if the teenager uses make-up. If it’s the case , a moisturised is used as a base on which the makeup is applied, followed by a cleanser in the evening .

In early 20’s we need a moisturiser and a cleanser only if we use make-up. And tell me why would you use an exfoliator when your skin renew itself every 21 days?

By late 20’s as the skin functions start to slow down, the skin produce less oil, which leads to dehydration.  Now is the time to start using a GOOD moisturiser ( which doesn’t contain synthetic oils -mineral oil- or has too much glycerine-which has a drying effect on the skin- ).

In our 30′ we need to add an exfoliator and use it when needed only.

By late 30’s-early 40’s, an anti-wrinkle product will delay fine lines. And try to use that exfoliator you bought more often, depending on the skin type .

From late 40’s you should exfoliate  regularly and use an anti-wrinkle product daily. If your skin is dry, use an oil based serum.
And the older we get, the more we need to take care of the skin.

Keep well,

Corina Lucian MFHT

Skincare Expert

Salon Corina