The truth about skin

We are more or less happy about  how our skin looks and feels like.

☆That the skin is our largest organ responsible for our protection from external invaders.

☆That the skin is waterproof,  but oil-loving.

There are some ways which can increase skin absorbsion :

●warmth- the warmer the skin, the better it’s absorbtion

●wet skin- will increase products absorption.

●broken skin ( like wounds or irritations) -this is more of an inconvenience, as broken skin is an entry gate for bacterial infections, so be aware.

From my experience, we use too many cosmetic products and too early: many 12 or 13 years old already use a cleanser, tone, exfolinter,  moisturiser,  and so on.

Do we really need so many products? I think not!

What kind of  products we need and at what age? Read all about it in our next blog …

Until next time , take care

Corina Lucian MFHT

Skincare Expert

Salon Corina