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Teenager with acne

West Bridgford salon for teenager’s skin.


We are a salon based in West Bridgford and we work with many teenagers with skin problems.

What is acne, you may wonder? It meas any face/ shoulders/ chest breakouts affecting teenagers or adults.

Being an infection, if left untreated, it could progress to lesions which could lead to pothole scarring.

Acne usually starts :
-on the forehead,
-progressing to the temples area
-spreading on the cheeks
-could spread to the chin( not always)
-from cheeks could spread to the neck

Girls could be as young as 12 and could last up to 18-20 years old, while boys start around 15 and could last to early 20’s.

Gp’s has a limited way of helping this teenagers, mainy prescribing long term antibiotics. (We see also GP’s children in our salon)

Left untreated, it could lead to scarring.

To minimise the spread to other areas of the face,
-we reccomend leaving the spots alone, no picking, please!
-never use exfoliants, as it will help spread the infection
– do not use products which contain alcohol or soap, as it will stimulate oil production
-use disposable tissues to dry the face, avoid towels
-girld should keep their hair away from the face, as it encourage infection.

In the last few years more and more adults ask our help as they experience acne.

If teenager’s acne is triggered by raging sexual hormones, in adults, the culprit is stress!

If you have any questions or concerns about your or your child face, contact us.

The initial 10 minutes consultation is free. Just book an appointment and bring your teenager and ALL face product she/he uses at the moment.

Keep well,

Corina Lucian
Skin expert

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