Microneedling is the most advanced, non- invasive  and affordable procedure.

Over the years I was asked to help

-Acne scars

-Open pores and

-Over- pigmentation ,

but there was no affordable help available until now.

I used Microneedling on my face for the last three years and everyone think I am 8-10 years younger ! 🙂

Microneedling may help*  with:

• Fine lines

•Sagging skin

•Age spots

• Rosacea

• Milia

• Acne scars

• Stretched marks

• Collagen induction

• Tightens the skin

• For devitalised skin

Because of the contraindications, a consultation is a must before the first appointment!

*Is reccomemded

between 2-6 sessions to achieve the desired effect

at 1-4 weeks apart

Corina 🙂