Microneedling is the most advanced, pain-free and non- invasive skin  treatment for

face, neck,

decoletaje and back of hands for:

•open pores

•fine lines

•acne scars

• non- active acne

• liver  spots

• collagen induction


The treatment starts with an online 30 min skin consultation to discuss your skin concerns and contraindications to the treatment.

On the day,  microneedling treatment starts with deep cleansing, exfoliation and applying the numbing cream. After Microneedling, light therapy.

A series of treatments is advised to see results and the sessions are 1-4 weeks apart, depending on your desired effect.

Then on your clean skin we apply a numbing cream . While the cream in doing its job, you can relax in the sounds of a soothing music.

The treatment lasts 50 min to an hour.

The skin will look sunburned after microneedling, but should clear within 24-72 hrs, so plan social events accordingly.

The skin will be tight straight away, which is a highly desirable effect and later may develop a glow which can last for weeks!

Why not prevent instead of correct?

Started early ( mid 30’s ) it saves a lot of money later, as – sadly-  people try a lot of products and procedures to improve their skin.