No needle Mesotherapy is a non- invasive, highly recommended procedure which opens up channels in the skin, so the skin solution applied can penetrate deep into the skin .

During the treatment the skin usually absorbs 10-12 ml of solution. As you can imagine, this is a highly moisturising and nourishing treatment.

My customers say that the mesotherapy effects lasts 3-4 weeks and they could see a difference right away! 

The desirable ingredients the skin loves:


•plant extracts

•anti- aging ingredients,

•hyaluronic acid

Did you know that a cream wil get absorbed in the skin just 7 -10% ( the rest just sits on top!) Why? Because a cream is water- based and the skin is waterproof.

During mesotherapy, the penetration rate is increased to 80% and the effect is instant! 

My first experience with mesotherapy:

The first time I had mesotherapy, I was pleasantly shocked about how good my  skin looked the moment I got off the beauty couch and I look in the mirror. Corina 🙂