Teenagers Skin Treatments*

Acne is a common problem for teenagers, ( and more and more adults) regardless of social status or sex.

(Did  you know that 80% of our acne customer’s have digestive complains ? But don’t worry, our Lifestyle Analysis will show us what needs improving for  your wellness.

Our training in dermatology enables us to work 🙂 with the most challenging skin types, teenagers skin being one of them.

The first appointment starts with a 30 minutes skin consultation*, where we want to find out some facts about :

-when was the condition first noticed,

-what products are used at home, if any

-is makeup used? What kind ?

-if they visited a doctor, was it a dermatologist or a GP and any medication they presctibed?

For how long? Do they still use it?

-how effective is/was the medication, if used

-we advice about home care and we may recommend appropriate nutritional supplements

For the skin treatment to be effective, there are some homecare routine changes and the use of our therapeutic mask  is a must.

All this changes and suplements are an extension of our skin treatment, which makes it more effective.

*we want to see what products and medication was used at home in the post three months, you would be surprised how damaging some products are for acneic skin.

*We don’t offer a medical treatment or any medication.

Corina 🙂