Acne Treatments

 The Natural Approach to Treating Acne

Salon Corina takes a medical, natural approach to acne for women and teenagers.

We design a treatment plan to ensure long-term results for the client’s skin. The results may  be seen even after the first treatment.

Home care and regular visits are essential for the long term success of the treatment.

We developed our approach to treating acne after working with teenage acne patients when we worked with a dermatologist after graduating.

See one happy client’s feedback below:

Alanna’s skin is amazing at the moment and it all thanks to Corina. It has really improved her confidence and she is so happy in her skin now (literally!). Thanks so much again for spending so much time on Shauna too. Each day her skin is improving too. Corina have made a massive difference to my family. I can’t thank her enough.’

Some of our recent client’s results*:

Teenage acne treatment Nottingham









Acne Treatment Nottingham

 *The photo’s were taken by the customers.

Acne Consultation in Nottingham

We offer an initial consultation for just £35*, in which we check the face and discuss how to best care of your face.

For the face consultation**, you will need to bring all facial products and medication you have used on your skin for the last three months.

**Any patient under the 18  will need to have parent or guardian present present for the duration of the consultation and treatment

 You can see more of our happy patients’ feedback on our Testimonial page and Facebook page.

Please note that while I am trained in dermatology,  I am not a  medical doctor, so I will not diagnose or prescribe any medication.

” I’m am absolutely amazed by Corina. I’ve only been to see her 3 times and my skin is absolutely clear and I’m on my period.

I’ve had acne for 20 years. When I first saw Corina she was shocked because I had a spot in every single pore on my face and a mega spot with 3 heads. I’ve spent half my teens, all my twenties and 6 years of my 30s embarrassed and ashamed of my skin.

I’ve tried everything, the pill, topical lotions, all sorts of expensive products from Clarins to Bobby Brown and all in between. I spent £100 in one go at skn. I was so desperate. And for most of that time Corina has lived 20 minutes drive away. I was so emotional when I first saw Corina I couldn’t stop crying.

Corina is knowledgeable and experienced, but she’s also kind and time spent with her is relaxing and peaceful. She’s not just interested in my skin, but also my health and recommends remedies to help. I couldn’t recommend Corina enough, having clear skin has increased my confidence and given me the boost I needed. Thank you Corina.

Debbie Clarke”

“Corina is very passionate about skin. Her expertise and confidence has really helped me with dealing with my facial skin! Look forward to seeing you again soon! Rajj Singh Taak”