Face Treatments Prices

Covid update

Please note that we shortened the time of the treatments to 50 min (and reduced our tariffs too), to minimise close contact

Advanced Skin Treatment


1 hr 15 minutes – £90 , first treatment 

£70 thereafter


• More luminous complexion which lasts

• Deep cleansing

• Rejuvenating**effect, thanks to my signature face massage

! Not suitable for acne skin type!

* *Will need multiple massages!

Express Skin Treatment


40 minutes -£70 First treatment, £50 thereafter

This is pure bliss,  in just 40 minutes!

Suitable for all skin types.


• Deeply relaxing

• Softer, smoother, nourished skin

• Rejuvenating** effect, thanks to my signature massage

**Needs multiple, regular massages

Teenagers/ Adults Skin Treatment

1 hr  £70Acne Treatment Nottingham

This treatment aims to clear acne in a natural way. It needs lifestyle changes,

nutritional supplements  and

a course of treatments is recommended

Startedat an early stage, it prevents  adulthood pot-hole scarring.

The photo was taken by my customer.


New:  No needle mesotherapy


40 min £50

No needle mesotherapy uses mild electrical currents to transport our natural serums through your skin’s protective surface.

Mesotherapy isn’t suitable for pregnant women or anyone with serious medical conditions.

If you have a history of allergies, definitely discuss it with your practitioner prior to treatment just in case.

Skin Consultation 

30 minutes   £50

Any jurney starts with the first step.

This skin consultation is your first step in helping your face.

  • This an in depth skin consultation  and lifestyle analysis for all skin types.
  • Please bring your face products you used in the last three months and any medication used . Now is the time to ask any skin questions!
  • You will be adviced on the home care routine, lifestyle changes and how to use your products to maximise their effect.

Corrective Face Massages

10 minutes each   add £15

This is advanced massages -easily included in our signature face massage- aimed at more stubborn areas:

Eyes massage for wrinkles, eyes bags and dark circles

Double chin massage

Neck massage

Corina’s Signature Face and Decoletage Massage

30 minutes £35

If you never had a facial before, this is a great way to start.

Great between facials, if your concern is wrinkles or sagging skin.

It takes pampering to a whole new level!